Anushree Gavas Candid Wedding Photographer



After much contemplation I arrived to a decision that I would want to  be an artist. I majored in Political Science and it still intrigues me but I always knew deep in my heart that I wanted to be "someone who creates".

A brief time of writing articles for a state newspaper and as a television journalist, I knew I wanted to do something else. 

Take pictures. Document. Preserve.

I particularly love weddings because how everything that you do has some age old meaning and story to it and it's amazing to a part of culture like that. Every wedding for me is a chance to create something new and unforgettable for the couples when they look back to their wedding day. 

I am based in Mumbai (Bombay) with a very loving husband and family. I dream to own a tea atelier someday and brew some conversation evoking blends.  




                                          Arati & Jay, Mumbai 2014.

                                         Arati & Jay, Mumbai 2014.

                                         Anvitha & Naveen, Chennai 2015.

                                        Anvitha & Naveen, Chennai 2015.

Simple and Subtle are the words that came to our mind when we stumble upon a photography blog - Serendipity by Anushree Gavas.

We were sure to have her for our wedding photography but destiny had other plans as she was already booked. However she was very polite and gracious, sensing our disappointment she offered a photography session and we met in Mumbai. She is one of the most gentle and beautiful soul we met on our India trip this year














"I've been following Anushree's work way before she made her foray into weddings, and I have always admired the way she captured this particular quality of delicacy - whether it was photographing a street vendor or a woman's hands. It was all just delicate and warm.
 So, it was an absolute necessity that I have her part of our wedding, and she happily obliged.

I think her true strength lies in seeing the world around her in a little gift-wrapped box, that's how well she creates a mood and her presentation just makes your heart flutter.

Ours was a Keralite wedding, which meant it doesn't give you much time to get used to what's going on around you. It's very easy to miss what's happening especially when you're not a Malayali. But Anushree suprised all of us when she sent us the the processed photographs. I was so happy with the way she captured the solemness of the ceremony and also managed to catch a moment where I rubbed off one little 'tear of joy' off my eye, when I thought nobody was watching. She captured so wonderfully every second of my elated journey from the time Naveen held the sacred thread in his hand till the moment it was tied firmly around my neck.  That was probably just a time lapse of just 45 seconds, and so many memorable pictures in that window of time.

Not one person in my extended family or friends realized she was our appointed photographer for the day. Everyone assumed she was just a guest, who looked lovely shooting our wedding in an ivory saree, a pink brocade blouse and wide smile on her face. She was so unobtrusive and humble about it all, which I think was the most important aspect for us.

My husband, Naveen shares similar sentiments and is already clearing up the walls in our room so he can make room for these timeless photographs. Thank you, again from the bottom of our heart. We are so grateful for the energy you brought in and left us with, Anushree."




             IN THE MEDIA 

  Featured vendor at  WED ME GOOD

  Featured vendor at WED ME GOOD

   Featured vendor at  SHAADI SAGA

   Featured vendor at SHAADI SAGA