Hello there ! You have reached the page where you would find answers to most of the questions couples have in their minds whilst looking for a candid photographer. If you have any questions that are not covered below, feel free to email me directly. I’d absolutely love to chat more, get to know you, and make sure we’re a perfect fit!

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You : We love your work ! How can we have you to document our day ?

Me:  I am so glad that you like my work ! It  is  essential  for  me  to  connect  with  the  people  I  am  photographing. So  the  earlier  we  connect,  the  better  it  is  for  me  to  understand  you  and  your  needs.  After  the  introduction  and  agreeing  on  the  style  of  work,  you  need  to  promise  with  an  advance  of  50%  of  the  whole  package.

The Inquiry Request Form can be a good conversation starter !

You : Where are you located? Do you travel ?


I am based in Mumbai (Bombay), India with a very loving husband and family.  And yes, absolutely ! I live 10 minutes away from Domestic and International Airport. I am passport ready and have travelled extensively for most parts of my work. And I have had the opportunity to shoot weddings, engagements and families through out India. I would love to be a part of your wedding whether it is in India or anywhere in the world.

You : Can  we  meet  before  we  book  a  date ?
Me : Absolutely ! Infact, I  highly  recommend  that ! If  possible, I  will  set  up  an  in-person  meeting  or  Skype  chat  at  a  time  convenient  for  both  of  us                                                              Skype : anushree.gavas

You : How  much  do  your couples/families  spend on  photography  on  average ?

Me :  Honestly,  there  is  really  no  fixed  amount  that  I  can  tell  you. Every  couple  has  a  different  need. So  I  design  a  different  package  for  every  client.

You: Why are your prices not your site ?
Me : Let's start the conversation about your wedding first and then we can get to the prices.

You : What  do  we  get  in  the  package ?
Me : Well.  all  that  you  want  with  a  little  more  surprise  from  me ! The  package  is  without  a  number  of  hours  or  a  number  of  photographs  on  your  special  day. You  get  a  complimentary  pre  or  post  wedding  couple  portraiture  session. The  deliverables  comprise  of  high  resolution  images  (JEG  format )  processed  by  me.

You : What  parts  of  the  wedding  will  you  be  photographing ?
Me : I  would  like  a  complete  documentation  of  your  day  so  I  will  be  there  a  few  hours  before  the  ceremony.  I  start  with  getting-ready  pictures  for  the  bride  &  groom  and  stay  until  the  end  of  the  day.

You : How  long  will  it  take  to   see  my  photos ?
Me : Give  me  a  minimum  of  30  days  to  personally  work  on  your  photos and publish a password-protected gallery for you.

You : Do  we  really  need  an  album ? Do you offer products such as canvas prints, coffee table books, and albums?
Me : Your  call.  But  I  personally  believe  that  photos  are  made  to  be  printed. You  can  go   back  to  your  memories  as  and  when  you  want  and feel  them  in  your  hands.                                  So  yes,  I  would   really  recommend  a  wedding  memory  book.
And of course ! A  hard  bound  coffee  table  book/albums (I call it MEMORY BOOKS), canvas prints  can  be  included  in  the  package  at  an  additional  cost. I work with one of the best printers in town who guarantee a brilliant showcase to your equally beautiful photographs. We  can  always  talk  about  it  more  if  you  want.

You : What  other  assignments  do  you  take ?
Me : Engagements,  Weddings,  Civil Ceremonies,  Portraits,  Couple  Portraits,  Family,  Tiny  babies  too !

Anushree Gavas Mumbai Candid Photographer